Dr. Galatzer-Levy has extensive experience in work with children and adolescents. He strives to understand each young patient in terms of their personal history, the internal and external forces operating on them, their family and school, and also current concepts about the biology and neuroscience of problems children may have.

His major approach is psychoanalytic and psychodynamic, which means that work with each patient is tailored to the patient’s needs as a whole person living within a family and social context. He is available to do intensive long-term work, as well as more limited therapies including helping parents function more effectively with their children. When appropriate, Dr. Galatzer-Levy works with other therapeutic methods including ones derived from various behavioral approaches. His approach to medicating children tends to be conservative, but when medication is indicated, he helps families and children understand the advantages and disadvantages involved and come to a informed decision about the use of medication.

Where appropriate Dr. Galatzer-Levy works with parents, schools, and other health care providers to help create an overall approach to the youngster.

With more than 40 years of clinical experience, Dr. Galatzer-Levy is often consulted about challenging cases and by parents and children who are trying to think through the best approach to difficult situation. Especially in the area of child psychiatry, families need a clear picture of available interventions and the opportunity to thoughtfully discuss the alternatives.

Galatzer-Levy has extensive experience in working with creative and gifted children and adolescents, LGBTQ youngsters, children and adolescents with anxiety and depressive disorders, school problems, ADHD, and children on the autistic spectrum.

Although he will provide information necessary for insurance reimbursements, Dr. Galatzer-Levy does not participate in any insurance panels.