analyst's couch

Dr. Galatzer-Levy strives to understand people in terms of their personal history, the internal and external forces operating on them, and also current concepts about the biology and neuroscience of their problems. New patients can expect a careful diagnostic evaluation before treatment is recommended. His major approach is psychoanalytic and psychodynamic, which means that work with each patient is tailored to the patient’s needs as a whole person. He is available to do intensive and long term work as well as briefer more limited therapies. When appropriate, Dr. Galatzer-Levy works with other therapeutic methods including ones derived from various behavioral and mindfulness approaches. Medication can be an important part of an integrated therapy for some individuals but medications, when needed are integrated into an overall approach to the patient and only used after careful consideration by doctor and patient.

With more than 40 years of clinical experience, Dr. Galatzer-Levy is often consulted about challenging cases and by patients and their families who are trying to think through the best approach to a given situation.

Dr. Galatzer-Levy has experience in working with creative individuals, professionals from many fields, intellectual gifted people, GLBTQ persons, young adults, anxiety and depressive disorders, work inhibitions, people on the autistic spectrum, disorders of self esteem and cohesion, people with ADHD, and people with severe mental illness who wish to include the psychological dimensions of their situations in their treatment.

Although he will provide information necessary for insurance reimbursements, Dr. Galatzer-Levy does not participate in any insurance panels.